The Christian Empath Declaration of Existence

As I awaken to who and what I am, I begin to question, “Why did God make me like I am? Why do we need Empaths if we already have the Savior? What am I designed to do?” These questions and many more flowed through my mind the first moment I realized ‘I AM AN EMPATH.

I feel like I don’t belong. I am not like most. I feel everything on many levels. I read the thoughts and emotions of other people. And as I learn more about my abilities, I find that I am taking on the energies of other people and also the environment around me. Why? Why did God make me this way?

Here is what I know. The God of this world, The Savior Jesus Christ, does exist. He is a kind, fair, just and loving God. And because I know this, I know he would not create me to just suffer. No. He created me, with the abilities I have, for a wise and glorious purpose. Just as the flower blooms and serves its purpose in this world, I too am here to serve a purpose as well. God created me, an Empath, with abilities to use to serve and love those around me. I was born, to be an Empath, wired differently, and look the same as others around me. It is because of this difference that I can be a shining light in the lives of people I interact with.

God came to earth to atone for all who would repent and follow him. Also, as part of his gift to us, he takes from us our pain and suffering. He reads us like a book and knows what we are feeling. He cries with us when we cry and can find no hope. And yet he gives us hope just by helping us feel his arms around us during those tender moments. He gives energy to us daily to help us feel renewed and strengthened. He knows ahead of time what trials or tribulations we will face. He is in charge of spirits as they leave their bodies and go back to him. If Jesus Christ does all of this, why then do we need Empaths?

I learned in church that God wants people to turn their troubles/lower energies/emotions over to him. They, themselves, not the friendly neighborhood Empath. But not everyone has the faith, understanding, ability or focus to do this. And they still need to clear these energies or they will become sick from them. So, because God loves us so much, he does not want to see us suffering in spite of our own ignorance and stubbornness. This is why God created Empaths. He made us like him. We are assigned as mortal angels to help him with his tasks. He cannot force any person to do anything. But he can still lovingly bless them in such a way as to help relieve their emotional pain. We Empaths are physically designed to do this. We are the mortal angels assigned to this work. We are here to serve and love those around us as he would if he could. It is because not all believe in him, that we can help as substitutes. And we know, that all will eventually know him.

As mortal angels, we still must work through this life the same as all others. We are not better than those around us because of this life-long assignment. It is our duty as an Empath to understand our abilities while working to better our mortal shortcomings. I now know that I am not here as an Empath to replace God. I am instead here to serve him all the more. That as I serve others, I am serving God. It is in this simple truth that I am fulfilling the measure of my creation and existence. I am designed, wired, programmed, created to be a mortal angel. I exist to serve and love. I am an Empath. And I will always exist as an Empath.

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  1. Natasha - September 25, 2016 at 1:23 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing. My daughter is an empath and her abilities grow stronger annually. She is 19yrs and doesn’t understand how she needs to use this gift to help others. We are looking for someone to help her understand and we are careful because most people are not Christians but worship the stars or other gods and we are born again Christians. Any advice?

    • William Paul - November 23, 2016 at 11:40 pm Reply

      I completely understand the desire to find an appropriate teacher to help your daughter learn how to use her abilities. I went through the same frustration. Most in the holistic/paranormal world discount Christ as God and just call him a really good man. This made me feel sad and alone when I was learning about being an Empath. I have since learned that it is perfectly okay to be an Empath and be a Christian. I now understand that it is not some weird, evil thing to be an Empath. God created me and many others to be just like me. Our abilities are reliant on how we have been created. He made Empathic people for very wise and wonderful reasons. And because our abilities are energy based, if our intent is appropriate, we can work with energies using our abilities to bless the lives of many people.

      I am also a Life Coach/Mentor/Guide for Empathic people. I have mentored many Empaths who were needing to learn how to become a Higher Functioning Empath. So if you are interested, I am available to work with your daughter. My Coaching website is Our first visit of 1 hour would be free of charge. Here is a link to my online booking page:

      And also, please read all of my posts at to gain more insight.

      I also have a Christian Empath Facebook page too.

      Bottom line, I am here to be a resource for guidance and learning. And I am an active, church-going Christian who also is an Empath.

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