What Abilities Are Calling To You

Have you noticed yet what extra abilities you have in addition to your Empathic abilities? All Empath born people have also been blessed with other talents. Because we are wired to be energy based, we as Empaths have access to all psychic and intuitive abilities. These talents become more evident as we meditate and use different grounding techniques. I came across the list when I first learned of my Empathic abilities. I have since tried and know that I have a little bit of all of them. While I am grateful to God for blessing me with such talents, Empathic people like me just have more work cut out for them. Not everyone will have all of these talents. But by knowing which talents you do have, you will know where to focus and practice.

Emotional Healing – All Empathic people have this talent. We can look at anyone and read their feelings. When we read their emotions we are taking some of the energy behind the emotion away from them. The more we read them the more of their energy we take. If done long enough, we can help them let go of the emotion by simply removing the energies related to that emotion. But remember to ground afterwards or you will be dealing with the emotional after effects till you do ground out. Empathic people with this talent make great life coaches, counselors and psychologists.

Reading and feeling all of Nature – Just like Emotional Healing we have the ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants. Again, we are receiving a sample of the energy that is being transmitted from the plant or tree and then we know what the plant or tree is feeling.

Animal Communication – Animals are mostly like people. So we are feeling the energies of their emotions and translating them to our own language. Some Empathic people are really good at translating the energies coming from animals and can hear, feel and communicate with animals.

Claircognizance or clear-knowing – You know something and without memory of how you got to know it or why you know it. It a fact that you know and that you can’t deny it. Makes us look like know-it-all people sometimes. But we just know.

Precognition – This ability is one that allows you to feel or just plain know ahead of time when a certain something will happen. It has taken people a while to understand this talent in me. I tell them that this or that will be happening in a few moments. I always feel sad when they do not listen.

Physical Healing – The ability to not only feel the energies of pain from another person, but also the ability to send back opposite energies that help to relieve the pain and sometimes even heal the other person. Some of us feel bursts of heat and energies coming from the palms of our hands. This means you have the natural talent of being able to send healing energies from you to others. Empathic people with this talent make great healthcare workers. There are alternative medicine healing practices that you can learn as well. Massage therapy, Reiki and other energy healing modes are good to learn. Just remember to learn them in such a way that you are including God in the process.

Spirit Communication or Mediumship – Most Mediums employ the use of Tarot cards, crystal balls, seances and Ouija Boards. They sometimes allow spirits to enter their bodies. Let me say that all of these practices are the best way to allow Satan into your life and to control you. That is why I also titled this Spirit Communication. I have dreams constantly from spirits telling me important information. When present in a room, I can almost always feel them and their energies. There are times when I can hear their thoughts and they can understand my thoughts back. Just remember to always treat people on the other side of the veil with respect. It is ok to communicate with them on behalf of others. Just always include God in on such moments. By saying a prayer before you start to communicate, you can know if you are really talking to the person they say they are. Also ask God if they really need you or if you should refer them to someone else. And maybe even if you should ask for angels to come and assist. Always default to having heavenly help on this subject.

Psychometry – The ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or places. This happens to me sometimes when I have purchased used items. I can feel the last owners emotions and impressions on the item. You can also try this on items belonging to loved ones. It can help you to know how they were feeling when using that item.

Telepathy – The awesome ability to read people’s thoughts. This one I have not been very successful with. It comes on strong sometimes and other times I cannot get it to work. It is hard not to confuse their emotions with their thoughts. Both are kind of the same thing and yet different.

Earth Sensitive – The ability to read the energy of places, and the land. An Earth Sensitive can feel the energies of the Earth. They can feel and sometimes see ley lines and energy wells. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before earthquakes or other disasters occur anywhere on the planet. Also referred to as Earth Sensitives. There are many forums on the internet where people who are like this document and learn about how their symptoms relate to where earthquakes occur.

I hope each of you will believe and trust your intuition when it speaks to you and says it is time to learn how to use your next ability that you are not using. Be open but be smart. The use of your abilities in positive energetic ways are what God has intended. Any other is going to cause you grief. Find joy in serving others as you become Higher Functioning Empaths.


Love and Light,

The Christian Empath

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