Spiritual Strength During Tumultuous Times

I want to make this point perfectly clear. Your beliefs had better be rock solid if you are going to start learning about being an Empath. Please . . . please . . . please . . . above all else, if you have not done so already, pray about and get a firm confirmation that Jesus Christ, God does indeed exist. Know for a surety, without a single doubt that the basic principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are true. And make sure you are doing all you can to live what is needed to stay close Jesus Christ (attending church, praying daily, reading scriptures, and so on).

Sure it is hard to be around others, but I will teach you about keeping yourself grounded, making it easier to be around others and in large crowds even. But most of all it is so important to be a strong, believing Christian. I have read many accounts online this last year of Christians who have Empathic, psychic abilities wandering from church activity to other pastures they thought were more correct. I am here to tell you, that some of the things I have studied and learned from would have led me away from my beliefs if I did not have a strong belief in Christ.

The communities of Light Workers, New Age Spirituality and Mind Capabilities are very alluring to Empathic and Highly Sensitive People (HSP). They all want to teach you their ways of doing things. They all want you to believe that the Savior Jesus Christ was just an enlightened being among many others. And the worst of it all, they want you to pay them to give up your beliefs and accept theirs.

I recommend that if your beliefs are weak, stay away from these people. They will have you doing things that are not appropriate for a Christian to be doing or believing.

I might be a little slow, but I will do my best to post all that I have learned here in a timely manner. I will work hard to only post what I think is appropriate for Christian people to learn and use. And if you have insight, please feel free to share it.

Till the next post,

Light and Love

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  1. kristie - April 5, 2016 at 6:11 pm Reply

    yes, I have found this to be very true…too easy to be lead astray if one is not careful and fully grounded.

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