I am an Empath. I was born an Empath. I did not know about this talent till recently. I came across an Empath Quiz online and took it for fun. When I scored 100% I began to think maybe it was true. So I searched for more tests online. Before I knew it, I realized that I fit the definition of an Empath. I began to search for any information about being an Empath. What it meant, how it happened, who else out there were Empaths and most importantly, were they still active Christians. Why me? Would I have to denounce the talents I had been given? Where did my talents come from? God or the devil? I began to worry and panic.

As I studied more, I began to get answers. I began to understand that unless I had actively sought my abilities from the devil himself, that they had instead come from God. That I, an Empath, had been born with these abilities. And when I was created by God, he made me just the way I am. And God does not make mistakes. But why would he make me different? To this day I still am completely unsure. But what I do know is that I accept who and what I am and I try to use my abilities to serve God by serving other people.

My studies have led me to the knowledge of how Empaths work. I will blog more about this later. But a quick insight to help would be that we are wired this way. Our electrical systems in our bodies are made up of pools of energy called chakras, electrical grid-lines called meridians and an electrical outer shell called an aura. The aura on a normal person is layered up against their body. The aura on an Empath is diffuse and fog-like. As an Empath walks among other people, their aura interacts with others and this helps them to receive non-seen information about the person. Mostly emotions. But Empaths can receive other information as well. And sometimes receive information from the unseen. Basically put, an Empath’s abilities are energy based. They send and receive information through their electrical energy systems.

So basically, all people are energy based. We have energy systems. Empathic people are just wired differently. But Empaths do work with energy. All energy comes from God. When it is misused and distorted, it becomes darker. But if used naturally, with natural abilities, in order to serve God and help others, I fully believe it stays as higher vibrational energy. Empaths are energy workers. Their abilities are to be used to help others and serve God. So now I do use my abilities for these reasons.

And like any talent, it must be exercised and maintained in order for the body and electrical system to stay functioning. So I do meditate each day. I shut my mind down. I send away all lower vibrational emotions or energies from others (that I collected that day) to places that can change that energy back into light or higher vibrational energies. And I seek higher vibrational energies from God to replace all lower energies I send away. This way, my body and mind stay healthier through daily cleansing of energies.

I truly hope I can be a beacon of hope and light to those who are confused and scared about their abilities. That is the reason for this blog. On the right side of this page is another page called, “Attributes & Qualities Of Empaths or Highly Sensitive People.” Please click on this to see if you are truly an Empath. This will guide you in understanding the things that happen to you. Also, just below that is a link to a page called, “Ways Of Grounding”. This page gives ideas on ways to clear and receive energies that will help you feel better and function better.

Love and Light,

The Christian Empath

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  1. Kelly Burris - December 28, 2017 at 9:42 pm Reply

    This blog is one of the most helpful resources I’ve found on Empaths and their calling and how to operate in the gift! ❤️

    • William Paul - March 20, 2018 at 5:33 pm Reply

      Thank you Kelly. I really am working to create a safe community for all religious Empaths who want to better understand themselves. We really need to stay close to our religion and be strong Empaths. Lots of love and light 🙂

  2. Judy - April 11, 2016 at 4:38 pm Reply

    What are valuable/proper ways to use the Empath gifts? I feel an intense responsibility to respond and care for the emotions of others. It is like being a vacuum and very draining. In addition to needing to learn how to “tune down” the empathy at times I suspect I am not properly using the gift.

    I can’t imagine it was God’s intention to give me an Empath’s awareness to make me responsible for others. It’s too much! After all I am not their savior, Jesus is.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    (I am sensitive to feelings, colors, auras, and vibrations)

    • William Paul - April 11, 2016 at 10:35 pm Reply

      Very good question Judy. The best way to answer is to look at how Empaths are wired. When we look at the energy of any person, there are 9 known energy components of the total energy makeup of people. The two most referred to are the auras and the chakras. I am sure that we agree on the fact that we are all spirits having a physical experience. So God has placed our spirits in physical bodies. My firm belief is that our chakras are the “weld points” that allow for the transfer of energies and information from our spirits to our bodies. Our spirits get their energies straight from God. Then our auras are the energy field that surrounds our bodies.
      A healthy aura on a person is bright, dense and acts as a protection. For Empaths, our energy fields (auras) are more diffuse and fog-like. Our auras extend anywhere from 10 to 40 feet out. This is how Empaths are able to receive a lot of the unseen information we get. When I first started learning about being an Empath I had to ask the question, “Why did God wire us differently?” The only answer I can understand is that God is perfect and does not make mistakes. Therefore he designed Empaths the way he did on purpose.
      You are right. We Empaths are not responsible, nor are we the Savior. But I tend to think that, just like Angels and other Heavenly workers, we too have been assigned to help out all we can with our abilities/talents/gifts. We must have agreed with God, before being born, that we would dedicate a portion of our lives to serving others with our abilities. And I am sure God felt that we were very qualified and good spirits to be able to help out like we do. No, we do not replace God. We instead help out. We do what we know how to do with the abilities we have.
      All Empath gifts are energy based. They are an exchange of energies to obtain information, give comfort and guide people in the direction that the Lord would have them go. No we do aspire to be who we are. We do not politic to positions in any Christian church. We just simply serve.
      When we get unseen information through our abilities, we need to stop and ask, “Are these emotions mine or someone else’s?” If they belong to someone else, we need to ask, “Should I act upon this information or let it go?” If we are to act on it, God will help us do so in an appropriate and tactful manner. If we are to let it go, we need to clear the energies, pray for the person and then move on into our day. When we ask those questions, we are asking our built-in intuition. Not our EGOs of the mind, but our guts/enteric nerve bundles. This is where we get a good feeling or a bad feeling. This is where we interact with our spirit selves and with the Holy Ghost when he is giving us answers. God is good and loves us. He has given us Empaths tools to use to not suffer through life. Instead, if we work to learn how to use those tools we can become Higher Functioning Empaths.

  3. MONICA - March 14, 2016 at 9:39 am Reply

    As I read this my heart lept for joy and at the same time I became terrified. I have researched it over and over and the only true explanation of why I am the way that I am is that I was born an Empath. My biggest struggle right now is that I am literally unsettled because I HAVE to do something g with it or I’ll burst but I have no clue what to do! I know I’ve been called to be a speaker but I don’t know how to really live that out!!

    • William Paul - March 14, 2016 at 6:14 pm Reply

      I am very glad that my blog is helping. I understand. I have been there as well. And still kind of am. But I am writing these blog posts to help all I can, to guide. My best advice is though you feel like you want to hurry and get to your destination, just live in the moment. God guides us slowly to our destination. I think so that we can adjust and get better used to the fact that we have talents from him that are a bit different from normal:) God will guide you to what your life calling is. You are doing great. Keep praying and following him. And I will do my best to help as well:)

  4. Ryan - January 12, 2016 at 8:13 pm Reply

    Thank you for writing. I’ve been going through a similar experience and am searching for Christian perspectives on being an empath. The more I think about it, it’s not something I’ve ever really doubted about myself, just didn’t know how to articulate the thing. I, too, feel like I’ve had this sense or ability my whole life. And I don’t think being emphatic in this sense conflicts with the Bible. I’ve always believed there are specific times since becoming a Christian when God had me reach out to people, to find out it was exactly what they needed at that specific moment. Usually these ‘promptings’ came out of a feeling that I had about the person, like I could sense what they were going through and feel it, even when they didn’t express it openly

    Some would call this the leading of the Holy Spirit. I agree, and I think there are certain people God has given a stronger “antenna” to perceive these things.

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